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Real Estate


Our real estate attorneys at Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces represent both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. Our attorneys are highly experienced in negotiating the transaction, protecting our clients’ rights, and closing the deal.

In addition to real estate transactions, a myriad of problems may arise in connection with property, such as title problems, boundary disputes, tax issues, liens, and abandoned tanks. In all such matters our real estate attorneys seek to advance our clients’ interests to achieve the results which they want and need in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We handle commercial and residential real estate transactions involving from tens of thousands to millions of dollars. Our real estate lawyers represent businesses and individuals in transactions involving business purchases and sales as well. We represent buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of property with tenants, holdover tenants, and clearing title defects.


Our real estate and property litigation practice at Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces often deals with disputes arising from a contract to buy or sell a property or lease residential or commercial real estate. Buyers may bring claims of breach of contract, specific performance, rescission, or fraudulent misrepresentations with respect to the property while sellers may bring suit to compel specific performance of the contract of sale and for breach of contract. This area of law also deals with challenges to good title and ownership of property, soil contamination and remediation if there was an abandoned oil tank on the property, and foreclosures. In addition, this area also encompasses potential suits against realtors and home inspection companies for breach of contract, professional negligence, and breach of their fiduciary obligations.


Our real estate attorneys at Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces are experienced in representing our clients’ best interests so that they get what they bargained for.

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