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Immigration Law

At the law firm of Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces, every client, and every case is important.  Given the phenomena of accelerated globalization, our office is committed to creating bridges amongst the people from different nations.  Unlike many businesses, our labor requires sensitivity to humanitarian concerns. 

When we assume a case, we realize that we not only represent an individual but a family.  Immigration cases affect the livelihood of families and impact dreams.  For these reasons, we provide our clients unparalleled, personal attention.  No case is too small.  No case is too complicated.  And no goal is unworthy of serious consideration and investigation.  We are here to assist and shepherd our clients through the complex immigration process with patience, unique expertise, and compassion.  We thank all of our clients, both past and present, for allowing us to serve them, and for the enrichment they have brought into our lives. 

Based in North Bergen, we serve employers, employees, individuals and their families in New Jersey and throughout the United States.  We are known for getting results in complex and challenging cases covering all areas of immigration:

  • Deportation Defense - Fighting for the right to stay in the United States

  • Detention and Bond Hearings - Release from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody

  • Immigration Appeals - Challenging adverse immigration court decisions

  • Family-based Immigration - Reuniting U.S. Citizens and Immigrants with their loved ones

  • Temporary Visas - Student, business, visitor and government official visas

  • Asylum and Waivers - VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), U-Visa (crime victims), DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and other relief

  • Citizenship - Overcoming obstacles to naturalization such as old criminal convictions

We work with clients to untangle legal problems that threaten their immigration status.  It is not uncommon for a client to be arrested on suspicion of an immigration law violation and later be transferred to a detention facility.  We understand how desperate this situation can be for the detainee and the family, and we work hard to keep families together and minimize the impact of violations or immigration proceedings. 

We also help families pursue immigration forms for their spouses, fiancées, children (including adopted children), parents, brothers and sisters. 

Our attorneys understand that living and working in the United States is a great privilege for noncitizens, though many Americans take it for granted.  This is why we work so hard to help clients achieve their goals. 

For more information on our U.S. Immigration and Naturalization law practice, please contact us at (201) 861-3393 or email us at

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