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Criminal Law

Defending against criminal charges is very serious.  Whether you are dealing with a traffic ticket, a felony or indictable offense, or the potential for one, you need an experienced and skilled attorney to represent you and to protect your rights and interests.  Today, criminal law goes far beyond the routine municipal court case or drug matter.  More than ever, the reach of our criminal laws and law enforcement agencies permeates almost every aspect of our society and personal lives.  Criminal law has become more complicated and intricate and actions have been criminalized that have far-reaching implications relating to individual conduct, commercial transactions, insurance, professionals, immigration status and the family.  Individuals need counsel more than ever, capable of representing all of their interests.  Many people, businesses, and corporations unwittingly engage in actions that expose them to criminal prosecution, and then are shocked to learn they have become "targets" of the criminal justice system.  Personal liberty and economic survival are at stake for individuals and corporations. 

Early representation is critical in defending a matter and heading off a prosecution in the criminal justice system.  An indictment alone can be extremely destructive to an individual or to a company.  Proactive pre-indictment action sometimes is the most effective way to prevent the emotional and economic costs that result from the return of an indictment. 

The Criminal Law Team of Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces is experienced in criminal, civil, administrative and regulatory litigation arising out of law enforcement, criminal law and civil rights issues.  The team includes members experienced in criminal trials all the way through jury verdict.  Our team has tried cases in municipal court and criminal courts and has handled many hearings affecting Constitutional Rights of Defendants in criminal matters.  Our attorneys have experience in federal, state, municipal and administrative courts, at trial and appellate levels.  The uniqueness of our team is the diversity of our practice and experience.  When you, your company or your loved one needs help, the attorneys in the Criminal Law Team of Alum, Ferrer, Diaz & Luaces are here to fight to protect your rights, to negotiate on your behalf when appropriate and to level what can sometimes be an uneven playing field.  


For more information on our Criminal Law practice, please contact us at (201) 861-3393 or email us at  

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